Making sure cups, dishes and the kitchen area are super clean and tidy is absolutely necessary for the hygiene of your Office. Failure to clean the kitchen and surrounding area could result in mice or rat infestation or the source of a sickness that could result in people taking time off work.

Melbourne Metro Cleaning can create a program so your kitchen is in an optimal level of cleanliness and allowing you the peace of mind to know that your exposure to risk in this area has been reduced.

Our core cleaning duties in this area include;

  • Washing the dishes
  • Rubbish removal
  • Floor cleaning
  • Dining area clearing
  • Toilet cleaning
  • Hand towel and toilet roll replacement
  • Floor polishing
  • Replacement of drinking water
  • Washing facilities

In our experience, attention to detail is the key to these high traffic areas. According to the OHS code, these areas need to be hygienic, safe, secure and in a serviceable condition. If they’re not, you may be in breach of the Workplace Compliance Code.
Melbourne Metro Cleaning specialises in this type pf compliance work, ensuring you have a happy, healthy and environmentally friendly workspace for your team to thrive in.

To get a quote or discuss what your requirements are, you’re welcome to contact us.